Dear Church Family,

     A little more than two months ago the executive team communicated with you the decision to suspend worship services.  Although we struggled with the timing of the suspension, looking back, it was a very good decision and potentially saved our church family from a tragic situation as has befallen others.  The virus is relentlessly communicable and spreads before any symptoms are apparent.  Sadly, some of my relatives have recently experienced exactly that scenario where several came down with it over the course of a few days.

     We believe the worship service and other “gatherings” via Zoom, although not like being in person, have been the best platform to continue to share within our congregation. It allows as much interaction between the participants as possible considering the circumstances.   We recognize that not all can participate and for that we are sad, but we do want to let everyone know that Worship, educational activities, the Elders, the Executive team, the Governing Board, All-IN, and other church functions continue largely on the Zoom platform.  You do not need to have a computer to participate with Zoom, you can also call in with a phone.   We also know that members continue to interact via the “old fashion” phone and letters and that the Elders have deliberate interaction as part of the shepherding program.

     The Executive Team continues to discuss when we might restart in-person worship.  Of course, we cannot know the timing as that is determined by the state and county leaders.  As most of you know, the Governor has outlined a phased approach and we are currently in Phase 1.  Phase 3 allows gathering with significant restrictions for less than 50 people, with Phase 4 having fewer restrictions.  The Executive Teams’ current thinking that we will likely not start until Phase 4 has started.  We will examine the situation a couple of weeks into Phase 3 with the idea of possibly starting some form of in-person worship a bit before Phase 4.  However, before any in-person worship there would be strict procedures in place.  Most important, worship needs to be a safe place, and this includes safe from virus infections from our fellow worshipers. 

     In Christ,

       Phil Bondurant – Moderator
       Jim Osness – Vice Moderator
       Betty Shepard – Board Secretary
       Chris Medhurst – Treasurer
       Chris McMeen – Past Moderator
       Rev. Colin McRaney - Pastor

Welcome Statement

The invitation of God's love is perfect and unconditional Our invitation to you is unconditional as well. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political stance, age, or ability, ALL are welcome. Period. We are not perfect, but our invitation is heartfelt , and it is faithful. We welcome all of God's creation to worship, serve, and participate with us in any capacity. Christ's example of God's love guides our worship, our work, and our welcome, and it dwells at the center of our commitment to be an intentionally creative, inclusive, nurturing , and inter-generational church.

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