Dear Church Family,

The Executive Team continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and how we adapt as a congregation to the new normal.  The infection numbers are slowly trending down and, as you may know, the state has allowed churches to offer limited services.  As a result, a few churches have opened for either outside or inside services.  We have discussed this as a possibility, but the Executive Team at this time believes that we should continue having services and other meetings via Zoom.  Zoom is not what we all want, but considering the circumstance, it is working well for most people. 

There are several complications with resuming services. Probably the largest issue is that some people would be ok with attending in-person church while others would not.  So, for services to be available to the largest cross section of our congregation, we would need to continue to operate Zoom (or other method) while at the same time having in-person service. Our concern is that a “dual-simultaneous” service would break the congregation into two groups and potentially make the people that cannot attend in-person feel left out.  A dual service also complicates the Zoom process in that it requires additional equipment for audio and visual (multiple cameras) and people that can operate it at the church.  Right now, we have two additional people working with Zoom along with Colin and Kaelee using our home computers.  In addition, there would be no interaction between the people attending via Zoom and the people in the building.  With our exclusively Zoom service, we all have an opportunity to interact before and after service and if we do not have a computer available, we can call in via the telephone to participate. 

There are numerous requirements from the state for in-person worship services including signage, before and after cleaning, COVID-19 screening, to name a few.  The requirements also state that masks must always be worn both inside and outside the facility. 

For these reasons we feel that it is best to continue to offer church services via Zoom.  We would like to point out that small groups (5 people or less) can get together to socialize provided they follow the state requirements for masking, cleaning, and distancing.  This could be an alternative to gathering outside your home as our building has a much larger space for distancing.

We encourage people to continue to interact and care for one another as these are difficult times.  We thank the Elders for their extra efforts. 

In Christ,

Phil Bondurant – Moderator
Jim Osness – Vice Moderator
Betty Shepard – Board Secretary
Chris Medhurst – Treasurer
Chris McMeen – Past Moderator
Colin McRaney - Pastor


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The invitation of God's love is perfect and unconditional Our invitation to you is unconditional as well. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political stance, age, or ability, ALL are welcome. Period. We are not perfect, but our invitation is heartfelt , and it is faithful. We welcome all of God's creation to worship, serve, and participate with us in any capacity. Christ's example of God's love guides our worship, our work, and our welcome, and it dwells at the center of our commitment to be an intentionally creative, inclusive, nurturing , and inter-generational church.

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