Who We Are

Kent First Christian Church joyfully welcomes all people, providing a vibrant community of faith dedicated to spiritual growth through worship, study and service.

Kent First Christian Church’s dynamic message of grace speaks to the needs of our everyday lives, in an environment that encourages a variety of opinion and diversity of thought. We  believe the mission of the church is to proclaim the unconditional love of God for all people.

We offer multi-layered ministries for individuals of every age. We believe in serving our neighbors and making a difference in our world through various outreach ministries. Here, you will find strength for the journey of life and grace for every aspect of your soul.

Our strong congregation  joins over 3,000 other churches in America affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. Please join us for worship any Sunday morning. Here, you will find strength for the journey of life and grace for every aspect of your soul.

We are part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. For more information on the denomination. Learn more about our denomination by clicking here.

OUR MIssion


The hopeful message we receive in Christ is that in God all can be made new. This is good news and worthy to be celebrated. God has invited us to be a part of new life by opening ourselves up the God in many ways, but especially by embracing all of God's children openly and ensuring everyone knows the unending grace God offers by connecting people back to the promise of new life in Jesus Christ.

Our Motives

We believe God is moving through the world and as we encounter the world we also discover God. Our motives are the driving force behind our mission.

Radical Hospitality which welcomes diversity & freedom of opinion -- Hebrews 13:2

Encountering God’s grace through open communion -- Luke 24:13-35

Informed by the Bible, Guided by the Spirit -- John 14:26

Seeking justice by serving the community -- Mark 10:42-45

Sharing God’s unconditional Love -- 1 John 4:7


Reflect for a moment on a person in your life that had a positive impact on your spiritual formation. Perhaps this is a person you try to model parts of yourself after. Who was this person? What made them so unique and special to you?

Marks are simply our way on answering this question. Our marks are not here as a measruring stick for failure, but as an aspiration of what we hope all our disciples can work toward.

The marks spell our one simple word RELATE because as you connect into new life in Christ you will see the way you relate to people, God and the earth change.

our map

We like to call these the 3 G's, but we also call this our Map. It provides a strategy for how we answer God's call for our lives.  Part of being a faithful disciple is exploring the 3 G's of our life.


  • Connect as the body of Christ
  • Worship and develop relationship with God


  • Service
  • Outreach
  • Stewardship


  • Bible study
  • Small groups
  • Training in ministry